MMOexp Skull and Bones: Unwelcomed Aboard Quest Guide (124 อ่าน)

30 พ.ค. 2567 14:52

Embark on the Unwelcomed Aboard quest in Skull and Bones, where risks and rewards await in equal measure. This guide will help you navigate this perilous yet lucrative mission with Skull and Bones Items and skill.

Objective Overview

The Unwelcomed Aboard quest tasks you with boarding enemy ships to secure valuable materials for the Blacksmith. While the concept is straightforward, the dangers of the open sea demand caution and strategic thinking.

Preparing for the Journey

Starting Point: Begin your journey from Sainte-Anne.

Destination: Head northeast towards the Giant’s Leap region, covering a distance of at least 2,200 meters.

Loot Collection: Along the way, collect floating loot in the sea, as these resources can be useful during the mission.

Engaging with the Enemy

Primary Objective: Your main goal is to obtain 3 cogwheels.

Optional Objective: You may also choose to acquire 1 culverin.

Approach: Decide whether to engage enemy ships directly through combat or boarding actions.

Boarding Tactics

Cautious Approach: Approach enemy vessels carefully, as they will respond aggressively.

Positioning: Maneuver your ship alongside the enemy's and deploy boarding ropes using the interaction button.

Infiltration: Allow your crew to board the enemy ship and plunder its cargo.

Looting and Choices

Loot Collection: During the boarding sequence, you'll automatically acquire all 3 cogwheels.

Optional Culverin: If found, the loot interface will display the optional culverin.

Decision Point: Choose whether to continue boarding additional ships or return to complete the quest.

Navigating Dangers

Vigilance: Beware of other hostile ships in the area, as they may target you once hostility is detected.

Risk Assessment: Evaluate the risks and rewards of further engagements before proceeding.

Completing the Unwelcomed Aboard quest not only advances your progress but also enriches your inventory with valuable resources. For additional supplies and Skull and Bones Items for sale, you can visit MMOexp for a wide range of items. Master the art of naval combat and strategic decision-making to thrive in the treacherous waters of Skull and Bones.




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