Revealing 7 Ways to Beat Bookmakers from Gambling Experts (172 อ่าน)

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Betting on sports at https://wintips.com/best-betting-sites-in-philippines/ is one of the popular online games enjoyed by many. Here, players can indulge in their passion and have a chance to make money. If you're someone new to this, don't miss out on the following article. Kèo Số (a betting platform) will share with you the ways to beat bookmakers when participating in sports betting.

I. Is it possible to beat bookmakers?

The chances of players beating bookmakers are very rare. Although it's possible to win against bookmakers, it's highly uncommon. Only a few can make money and withdraw from these bookmakers. Most players engage in small bets, lack enthusiasm, are not knowledgeable about gambling, and are prone to losses. Those who want to make significant profits, turn it into a profession, should quickly abandon this idea because it's impossible. If you pay attention, bookmakers always win and become wealthy, while players remain poor and suffer losses.

Some may argue that individuals A, B, C have earned tens of millions, hundreds of millions, or even billions. However, the amount they receive is nothing compared to the amount they lose. Only players with exceptional skills can defeat bookmakers.

II. Reasons why it's difficult to win against bookmakers

Reasons why players always lose when participating in gambling

There are several reasons why individuals cannot win against bookmakers in sports betting. Kèo Số will highlight some fundamental reasons below:

Bookmakers' reliability

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Consider playing face-to-face, let alone playing online where there are fraudulent schemes. Not to mention playing with real people outside. With bookmakers, how can we be sure that the other players are genuine? Moreover, even with the same bet, each person yields different results. This has been reported, so it's not impossible. Therefore, we have the right to question the reliability of bookmakers.

For example, in lottery drawings, we rely on the results of the draws in the North, Central, and South regions. This is the most difficult form of manipulation because it relies on the results of a third party. It cannot be changed or influenced. However, for games organized by bookmakers, it's difficult to know what happens behind the scenes. For games like baccarat, slot games, and jackpot, algorithms and programming can easily manipulate the results before players become aware.

Players' impulsive nature

Players' impulsive behavior is another reason they cannot find winning strategies. When the mind is unstable and lacks self-control, it's highly likely to lose more than gain. In contrast to players who gamble for fun, accept failure, and take breaks, they rarely plan for failure.


Many people are overly confident when playing and believe they can make money from bookmakers. However, the house always has an advantage, and it's not easy to win against them. Any family can raise a standard team. These teams are reserved for players who know how to play. Then, they prevent players from making money within the house. Avoid letting too much money flow into the bookmakers.

III. Strategies to beat bookmakers in sports betting

Some tips to help players beat bookmakers

Choose a reputable bookmaker

Before thinking about how to win against online bookmakers, you must choose the most reputable betting site to join. To select a reliable bookmaker, you should apply the following criteria:

Long history, with a large number of players.

Operating license in the field of gambling.

High level of player information security.

Offers various promotions, especially for new members.

Provides updates on multiple tournaments and betting odds for players to choose from.

Know how to read odds

Knowing how to manage capital

In winning at online betting with football gambling, money management is an important factor. If you manage your finances well, you will never run out of money to participate in gambling. The most effective way to manage capital today is to determine how much capital you have. Then divide it by the amount of money you will play with in a certain number of days and how many matches you will bet on in a day. If you lose everything, wait until the next day to play again instead of trying to chase your losses. If you have a specific plan like this, follow it. Soi Keo Nha Cai (Kèo Số) ensures that you will always have enough funds to participate in gambling for a long period.

Don't follow the crowd

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Following the crowd in football gambling is extremely detrimental. Remember that bookmakers have a team specializing in analyzing the psychology of players, so they can predict what the majority of players think. They place their bets based on that, which is why most people lose, and the winners are usually the minority. Therefore, when betting on football, you should not listen to the opinions of the majority. However, sometimes you can play with the crowd, and your chances of winning the bet will be much higher.

Stay sober-minded when gambling

One of the factors you need to pay attention to when winning at online bookmakers is to always maintain a clear mind while playing. Since football gambling involves money, sometimes players cannot remain calm if they lose too much. This not only prevents them from winning but also causes them to lose a lot of money.

Therefore, you must know how to stay calm when gambling, and if you lose too much, you should stop betting. At this point, your mental state will not be stable, and your betting decisions will no longer be accurate. When you stop, take a break to stabilize your emotions, and rest tomorrow so that you can recover in the future.

Know how to apply betting tips

When betting on football online, you should also apply tips as they will help increase your winning rate significantly. Some small tips you can apply include:

When betting on corner kicks, choose leagues with fast-paced matches like the English Premier League.

Use the 1-3-2-4 strategy for betting.

If you lose too much, know how to use the progressive betting method.

And don't be greedy when betting on football.

Above, Kèo Số has shared with you useful strategies to win against bookmakers when participating in online football gambling. If applied correctly and flexibly, they will certainly help players increase their chances of winning in their betting endeavors.





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