Oxynegy Treatment
Deeply and naturally enrich your skin by 3 in 1 process

  • Shift external skin cell getting prepared for skin nutrient absorption
  • Fill up skin nutrient “OxyBright and OxyVive” which are suitable for brightening needed skin, helps decreasing dark or pigment spot and enriching dry skin, including revive gloomy and blackened skin to be brightener
  • Stimulate blood circulation for skin to be able to receive more oxygen. Then your skin can absorb more vitamins and moisturizer

Motivated by
the popular hot spring with high concentration of carbon dioxide. Co2 helps increasing oxygen into skin. By the principle of Bohr Effect from Capsugen and Gel are full of needed vitamins to revive your skin.

Not suitable to treat the patient who has inflamed, redness and swollen pimple such as; acne pus, large pimple. Patient should avoid strong UV facing few days after treatment. For the better result, can use along with Radio Frequency (RF).

3 In 1 Most effective facial treatment in one process
Exfoliate  Infuse Oxygenate 

the epidermal cells exfoliation getting prepared for being ready to absorb the skin nutrient.
fill up the special formula gel from OxyBright and OxyVive and efficiently fill up skin nutrient.
increase oxygen to your skin, exchanging between co2 and oxygen. Also stimulating blood circulation to receive more skin nutrient. 

2 special formula
for facial treatment

OxyBright : is suitable with brighten needed skin, effectively decrease dark or pigment spot by secret formula to fill up the vital nutrient from nature such as; Azelaic Acid, Retinol Canina Fruit Oil, Kojic Acid, Ester Derivative which are much more efficient instability, absorption and tiny effect. They help reducing melanin production and synthesis Enzyme inhibitor. Tyrosinase brightens up skin, erases dark spot and oily.

OxyRevive :  is suitable for dry skin. Reduces wrinkles including revive gloomy skin to be brightener and exfoliation naturally. by special formula vitamin with Hyaluronic Acid helps reducing wrinkles and moisturizing skin. Hyaluronic Acid is produced and fed to Dermis skin level and conveyed to Epidermis skin level. The skin can collect much more moisturizing, causing wrinkle decreased, add up elastin and Peptides softened by the subunits of Proteins add up strength to Polymers line. The skin will be livelier by Retinol from vitamin A, stimulates collagen created to skin cells. These results can be felt in 12 hours after treatment.