You complete Me : Full fill skin naturally.
               Fillers ( hyaluronic acid )is substances to "fill in" or plump areas that have lost volume and smoothness. This includes wrinkles around the mouth, thin lips, and cheeks that have lost fullness. They may also be used on forehead wrinkles, scars, and other areas that need extra volume for a smoother look.

          Mostly, the doctors are commonly using fillers in the group format “Hyaluronic Acid” or “HA” which is a temporary filler, used for filling up wrinkles and lifting capacity. HA usually ranges for 8-12 months with extremely safe in adding up volume to the skin tissue. Similarly, HA undergoes Isovolumic Degradation within the body; as it is reabsorbed, it takes on more water, retaining a similar amount of volume for a prolonged period of time and maximizes under skin molecules.

          Suitably works with deep wrinkle at cheek, eyelids, under eyes, in between eyebrows, mouth and lips wrinkle including configuring face dimension such as nose or chin dimension with no surgery. Moreover, HA can help solving the sunken cheeks easily with immediate result in short time treatment.


           Generally it takes 15-30 minutes it would slightly hurts but does not need the recovery. Hyaluronic Acid injection’s side effects are milding-bruising, redness, swelling, pain, tenderness and itching. Anyhow this may happen to some client and will be recovered itself in few days. Right after the injection, doctor will let you lie down and rest for a bit of time to get the fillers worked and formed. Client just has to be careful, do not press or strongly massage at the filled spot. Nonetheless you can be relieved that our expert doctors shall treat you professionally.


  • plump up thinning lips
  • enhance or fill in shallow areas on the face
  • decrease or remove the shadow or wrinkle under the eyes caused by the lower eyelid
  • fill in or soften the look of recessed scars
  • fill in or soften static wrinkles, especially on the lower face
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