An intensive serum, free of fragrances, preservatives, solvents and common allergens that guarantees an instant feeling of comfort and freshness even to the most delicate and sensitive skins, which are more prone to suffer from redness and couperose.
It moisturises and sooths your skin, restoring its natural radiance.
  • It restores an instant feeling of comfort
  • It reduces redness and minimises sensitivity
  • It strengthens your capillary walls
30 ml / 4,250 THB

An exclusive formula with a silky and delicate texture, free of fragrances, preservatives, solvents and common allergens, that guarantees nourishment and hydration to the most sensitive and reactive types of skin. It helps your skin to regain its natural beauty.
  • It sooths redness and minimises sensitivity
  • It deeply nourishes and hydrates your skin
  • It protects your skin from environmental aggressions
50 ml / 4,000 THB 

A weightless, silky serum ideal for an intensive and long-lasting lifting effect. A perfect blend of active ingredients moisturizes in depth and provides your skin with compactness and firmness.
  • Instant lifting effect
  • Deeply moisturizes
  • It smooths and treats fine lines and wrinkles
15 ml / 6,200 THB 

An intensive treatment specific for the appareance of cellulite. It stimulates microcirculation ensuring a steady improvement of the unpleasant “orange peel “ effect.
  • Treats localized fat areas
  • Stimulates microcirculation
  • Reduces the “orange peel” effect
200 ml / 5,100 THB 

A fantastic wakening for your eyes. This specific fresh eye treatment quickly lifts, hydrates and debuffs, guaranteeing an anti-aging effect.
  • It gives a feeling of freshness to awake your eye area
  • It firms and smooths
  • It relaxes under eye bags and puffiness
15 ml / 4,500 THB

A fresh and gentle mask, free of fragrances, preservatives, solvents and common allergens essential for soothing and re-balancing even the most reactive types of skin. It is a concentrate of comfort and wellness for an extremely fresh and moisturizing treatment.
  • It soothes redness and minimizes sensitivity
  • It guarantees immediate comfort and freshness
 75 ml / 2,900 THB 

An intensive mask that moisturises and soothes your skin, it restores radiance and firms to the skin from the first application. It preserves long lasting freshness and comfort.
  • It ensures optimal hydration
  • It sooths redness and inflammation
  • It leaves your skin soft, fresh and smooth
75 ml / 2,580 THB 
Day-C Complex

A concentrate of moisture and energy. It is a fresh antioxidant serum to boost radiance, prevent and fight the signs of aging.
  • It stops environmental damages
  • It deeply hydrates and fights the signs of aging
  • It soothes irritation
30 ml / 4750 THB

A fresh cleansing milk perfect for removing make-up and skin impurities, which leaves an extremely hydrated and silky skin. Its lightweight texture guarantees a pleasant but deep cleansing feel.
  • Daily cleanser
  • It helps preserving your optimal and natural hydration
  • It enhances your skin brightness
200 ml / 2,750 THB