Hair Removal MAX
Global Standard Diode laser 808 nm.

The latest innovation in of hair removal with Diode laser with distinctive length at 808nm suitable for every hair removal, especially for dark thick long-rooted hair. With method of Selective Photothermolysis of Hair Removal Max, Cells are spot destroyed by appropriated well-energized wave length and perfect timing that release to eliminate target, the melanin.

  • Despite technique of Hair Removal Max usage of melanin measurement to measure patient skin type’s melanin that help in remodeling energy used in curing individuals accurately.
  • Cooling tip system protect our skins from burning, hurting, and body choice presentation short period of time
  • presented by U.S. FDA standards at first touch.


Difference from IPL and nd: Yag is faster And not burn


What affects how hair removal by laser work?

1. Decent energy is the main factor in hair removal. Root cells are eradicated effectively with enough energy sent through its target.

2. Hair root depth affects how deep the frequency ray works on passing through penetration depth.

3. Dark and light hair and skin color links to preferable length of frequency.

4. The length relate to energy and heat. Long range harness darker skin while short one is good for lighter skin.

5. Hair life cycle which research claims that different hair removal influence long pulse laser which is effective for the growing state. (Anagen phase)

Dr.Joke Talk's

(Dr Siripong Siriporn Na Ratchasrima)


• Laser Hair Removal How better?
Laser hair removal is better because it can weaken the hair follicles and create hairs that are small and thin. Patients can notice changes in the hair style. Since the first time offline.

• Different types of laser hair removal
ipl cheap sore little white suit Removable hair with dark pigmentation.
Yag is a good hair removal machine, but when it hurts, it can cause burns.
Diode Laser hair removal for all sizes of hairs. Hair color is light hair. There are chillers and smoothies on the laser head to help relieve the pain and release energy.

• Feeling
IPL will not hurt, but the power is not deep. The hairs are not good.
YAG can be easily burned easily from the machine.
Laser diode like rubber gently scratched at first, not burning.

• The time to regenerate
Renewal Time of Laser Hair Removal It's about 4-6 weeks.

• How to See Yourself After Hair Removal
Should spay or roe after 1-2 days.

• Summary
Laser hair removal is more effective than other types of hair removal where the hair will disappear in the long run. Make the skin smooth. No worries with excess hair. I have more confidence.