Meso Fat & Lift

Injection for lipolysis and cellulite elimination with body shape firming up

          Meso Fat is the lipolysis and cellulite elimination program. Wherever you want to get injected such as; face, under eyes or body. Injecting vitamin into fat layer to stimulate the collected fat to be excreted into liquid and eliminated from body as urine or feces. Moreover, it helps firming up the sagging skin to be in proper shape, decreasing cellulite without surgery. 



  • Decrease collecting of fat and cellulite
  • You can choose specific area to get treatment; face, under eyes or body
  • Stimulate the collected fat to be excreted into liquid and eliminated as urine or feces
  • Firm up sagging skin to be in shape and smoother
  • Decrease cellulite
  • No surgery procedure


Cellulite Elimination by Meso Fat 


          Cellulite is the main problem of blood flow in the arteries (Microcirculation) which causes the damaged fat tissue. The shifting of fat and connective tissue fibers are weak causing a blister and a dent, generally called “Cellulite”. Women have subcutaneous fat in a manner similar to a small cabinet which is devided by a wall portrait of tissue under skin. Its duty will rely on a complex vascular system of arteries, capillaries and veins that act on the circulation and blood transfusion. If the arteries circulation system is detective, as the result, the liquid will leak and seep into the surrounding tissue. The liquid storage space in the middle caused the Adipocytes (fat cells) and will be combined to be excess and bigger Triglycerides. And Triglycerides will be in the connective mesh. The uneven distribution of fat and tissue destruction changes the appearance of skin, causing cellulite. In addition, tissue including collagen and elastin would be broken up. It will eventually become scars.

          The Scarlett Clinic uses Meso Fat which consists of the covering components called Meso-Cocktail which suitably treat cellulite problem. Cellulite is a process that has been plagued by a number of factors that are statistically associated with the birth and trends in the occurrence of such characteristics; endocrinology, enzymes, stress, heredity, nutrition, mechanisms and vein. Cellulite can be divided to several types as; soft type, solid type and oedema type. This treatment covers all elements causing cellulite and more concentrate to arteries and vein problems. 


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