Ms. Ting Pratthana Mongkongkul

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Ms. Ting Pratthana  Mongkongkul

Chairman & Founding Parther
Boutique Consulting Group Limited

 One pride of a Business Lady, the owner of big stock portfolio, as known as Ms. Ting Pratthana.
“I work hard and have several things to work with all the time. I will always dedicate myself and pay attention with them. So I must balance my time for the parts; personal life, family, friends and other job. Everything I do, must be worth with my spent time. There are many reasons that make me choose the services at The Scarlett Clinic because The Scarlett Clinic answers all I want. When I have a free time from working, I would like to find some relaxing place, private and high quality. I am confident with service and expertise here, equipment and products are guaranteed by the leading qualified brand. And I usually get the consult and use Holistic treatment. The Scarlett Clinic assures me by the expert who can analyze and consult precisely. The result can be compared from before & after getting treatment and prove that it is true. Finally the Scarlett Clinic can answer any wanted points in Holistic beauty and health care from inside to outside, Indeed!”