Mastering FC 24: Unveiling the Best Post-Patch Tactics in FC 24 (43 อ่าน)

10 พ.ย. 2566 09:55

The world of FC 24 is ever-evolving, and with each new patch from EA Sports, players must adapt their strategies to stay ahead of the game. In this article, we delve into the latest patch changes and explore the best custom tactics for FC24, tested and refined through hours of gameplay. Whether you're aiming for victory in the Lite Division or seeking to enhance your skills, these tactics will give you the edge you need.

Understanding the New Patch:

The recent patch from EA Sports has brought about several notable changes that impact gameplay dynamics. One of the significant adjustments involves goal-scoring mechanics, particularly near the post. The goalkeepers' effectiveness at defending the near post has been improved, making it more challenging to score from certain angles. Additionally, the effectiveness of players using whipped passes for crossing has been slightly reduced. Passing, especially from specific angles, has also undergone a nerf.

While these changes may not be drastic, they highlight the dynamic nature of the game. As the meta evolves and players adapt, it becomes crucial to tailor custom tactics to suit the current landscape of FC 24.

The 442 Formation:

The 442 formation serves as the go-to setup, and adjustments have been made post-patch. The defensive style remains balanced, with a team width of 40 and a depth of 55. Build-up play is now balanced, and direct passing is favored with 55 players in the box. Notable changes include instructing full-backs to stay back while attacking and employing the overlap run type.

Crucial instructions for the two central midfielders involve staying back and covering the center. Both strikers are instructed to come back on defense, with additional instructions for the left midfielder (usually a pacy winger) to come back and get into the box for a cross. These modifications ensure a robust defensive structure while maintaining attacking options.

The 4321 Formation:

The 4321 formation offers a faster-paced alternative to the 442, with a team width of 40 and a narrower depth of 55. Build-up play remains balanced, and direct passing is favored with 45 players in the box. Tactical adjustments include having one forward come back on defense and the right CM covering the wing while drifting wide. This formation allows for quick transitions between attacking and defensive phases.

The 4231 Formation:

For a more defensive approach, the 4231 formation is recommended. With a balanced defensive style, a team width of 45, and a depth of 55, this formation provides stability when closing down games. Defensive instructions include full-backs staying back while attacking and cover center for the two central midfielders. The attacking trio, led by the striker, follows a mix of balanced and defensive instructions, ensuring a secure setup.

The 424 Formation:

In dire situations, the 424 formation becomes a potent weapon for a comeback. Employing a defensive style with constant pressure, a team width of 50, and an aggressive depth of 95, this formation is designed for high-pressure situations in the final minutes. Fast build-up play and forward runs are crucial components, with an emphasis on players in the box during set-pieces.

Adapting to the ever-changing landscape of FC 24 is crucial for success on the virtual pitch. The post-patch custom tactics for FC24 outlined in this article provide a comprehensive guide to enhance your gameplay. Whether you prefer the balanced 442, the speedy 4321, the defensive 4231, or the aggressive 424, these tactics cater to various playstyles and situations. Master these strategies, stay ahead of the meta, and dominate the competition in FC 24.

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