Nano Smash Lift
Non-surgical facelift with Hybrid Energy Technology

New innovative medical treatment which radiates with Nano wavelength to skin consists of two systems; Homogenous, solves your skin problem without surgery. The Nano radiation gets into pore skin through micro needle (Nano micron) as Thermal RF with vibration from needlepoint with no bleeding and wound.

• Dermal volumizing                   • Natural filler effect
• Non-surgical facelift effect        • Wrinkle reduction


Hybrid Energy Technology
combines Hot & Electrical Invisible Micro Ablation (IMA). Hybrid Energy creates a dual effect, both on the Epidermis and Dermis, without side-effects or downtime.

Hot IMA Facilitates smooth, painless and bloodless penetration of the micro needles to target the dermis

Electrical IMA Selectively ablates the target area creating micro-wounds in the dermis and at the same time triggering a wound-healing effect.

*IMA : Invisible Micro Ablation
virtually no pain & downtime
This combination of thermal and non-thermal effects creates a dual effect on both the epidermis and the dermis, inducing the remodeling of dermal collagen (neocollagenesis), elastin growth and an increased production of Hyaluronic acid as part of the wound healing process. Because the treatment works with body's mechanisms, results are significant and natural-looking. The procedure is non-surgical, and requires minimal discomfort and downtime

• Cutting-edge, effective anti-aging and skin rejuvenation technology
• Safe and clinically- proven technology
• Significant natural looking results
• Minimal discomfort
• Minimal downtime
• Optimally- tailored full- face treatments
• Suitable for all skin types and ethnicities
• Preventive aging solution
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