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          Nowadays people’s lifestyle have been facing with pollution all the times. Those pollution has accumulated in our body for long time whether it be toxins in environment around us, toxin from dietary, incorrect living such as drinking water, air pollution, chemical pesticides including heavy metal. From time to time, we totally overlook those causes of illness.

          Hence, appropriate nutrition selection and suitable quantity are important to our health. Disposal by organisms that drives the waste out of body such as skin, intestines, liver, kidneys and lungs were driven out waste through sweat, feces, urine and breathing.

          If our body receives some accumulated toxin in excessive quantity too much more than the removal system can be excreted, it will influence a chronic imbalance and effect to chronic illness. Vice versa, lack of nutrient needed (poverty or undernourishment) for a long time when the body has accumulated toxins or waste, the body will lose its ability to eliminate toxins or waste efficiently. It makes the organs is going to be weaker. If our body system works properly it can eliminate unwanted toxin or chemical itself efficiently. 



          Detoxification is elimination of heavy metal from body for not accumulating in body until it could influence to healthy. It is one of the more widely used treatments and concept in alternative medicine, It is based on the principle that illnesses can be caused by the accumulation of toxic substances (toxins) in the body. Eliminating existing toxins and avoiding new toxins are essential parts of the healing process. Detoxification utilizes a variety of tests and technique. At present we have taken the contaminants such as heavy metal, construction material, cosmetic, medicine, modified dietary, fuel source, consumption goods, radio or mobile wave. Those may cause the abnormal cell’s division or maybe caused the cancers and other illnesses.

          The symptom when body receives toxins; 
  • Often have headache, grumpy, easily tired, weak, sleepy, short meditation, amnesia (memory disorders)
  • Absorb too much starchy diet, metabolic works less
  • Chronic constipation, halitosis, strong body odor
  • Skin problem, blemish, pimple
  • Bored of foods, flatulence, belch, often flatus
  • Chronic skin disease, itchy redness, wounded, abscess
  • Asthma, allergy, urticarial
  • Body ache, bone and joint pain, rheumatoid. 
          Medical detoxification has invented a new way which combines an efficiency of blood vessel detoxification (chelation), liver detoxification, immunity boosting, antioxidant boosting and skin nutrition nourishing. 

          Chelation is vascular rehabilitation, blood vessel will be more flexible, decreases accumulating of toxic at arterial wall or heavy metal left over in blood which causes arterial wall inflammation, ragged, stiff, narrow and blocked. Those may cause illnesses; cardiovascular, high blood pressure, heart disease ischemic, deteriorated organs.  
Chelation therapy helps restore blood vessel system to be more flexible, good flow, makes internal organs stronger, boosting up immunity, preventing any deteriorated, stroke, diabetes and rheumatoid. 

 Live Detox

          Liver is an important internal organ, works for body in many functions such as storing foods reserves, source of energies, produces many substances that body requires, produces bile for digestion, vitamin A synthesis and blood clots synthesis. Moreover, liver eliminates poisoning from environment, alcoholism, non-hygienic consumer or sleeping not enough cause weakness of immunity. Liver will work hardly then will bring many illnesses; liver inflammation, liver cancer, diabetes, liver abscess, liver cirrhosis. 
  • Prevent liver from poisoning; medicine, chemical or alcohol
  • Cure abnormal liver as liver inflammation
  • Prevent liver from chemotherapy (from cancer patient)
  • Liver can recover quicker, accelerate toxins out of body
  • Help curing and preventing gall bladder by increasing bile circulation from liver through large intestine to digest the fat


Liver Detox Treatment 

  • Produce various types of enzyme especially the enzyme that helps liver to eliminate toxins from body by replacing toxic chemicals insoluble substances such as heavy metal, volatile, pesticides into water-soluble and eliminate by digestive system.
  • Increase Antioxidant which is important for resisting cell damage particularly liver cell
  • Body can recycle other antioxidant and reuse again such as vitamin C
  • Support body immunity to against germ and foreign body, relieve strength of flu or allergy
  • Reduce fat accumulation in liver, adhesion of fat at artery wall
  • Prevent and against cancer, repair and refresh cells
  • Boost up the strength of tissues internal body, tendon, collagen and strength of blood vessel


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