Ultra Rejuvelnex Program

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Ultra Rejuvelnex Program


                    Ultra Rejuvelnex is holistic health checked up program for covering the risk of assessment of the deterioration of body including diabetes, cardiovascular, brain, kidneys and liver besides annual health checking up. Also the modern energy evaluation;

  • Live Blood Analysis
Live Blood Analysis is diagnosed while blood is live looking through Transformation Dark Field Microscope can immediately look into changing of blood for checking quality and completeness of red blood cells, white blood cells and checking residue compound in blood. It helps finding out any abnormality that may cause illness in the future. In addition to the various effects caused by malnutrition in early stage or a group of immune system to infection indicate the potential for diseases and degenerative conditions of body such as coronary artery disease, cancer for treatment plan later. 
  • Blood Vessel Analysis
Blood Vessel Analysis is diagnosed internal blood vessel for checking blood circulation and age of blood vessel in addition to resistance inside blood vessel, flexibility of heart beating rate. Procedure is monitoring by infrared radiation (IR) through the finger and then measure the absorption of infrared light by OxyHemoglobin. The machine detects a pulse signal can sensor data analysis. 
  • Analysis of the pulse variation
  • Analysis of pulse wave indicating vessel condition
  • Analysis stress level
  • Analysis balance of nervous system
Patient will receive proper instructions from the expert in addition to how to take care of yourself and adjust lifestyle properly such as exercising, nutrition, supplementation for better life quality. 
  • Check all body system



Check all body system is radiation very low electric energy into body, not pain or dangerous at all. This is to measure the water resistance between cell in any organs. This method can evaluate the degenerated cells or pathological indication of all internal organs;
  • Cardiovascular functions
  • Endocrine functions
  • Urogenital and Renal functions
  • Neuromuscular functions
  • Respiratory functions
  • Digestive functions
  • Neurologic  functions
  • General Metabolic functions
  • Immune functions (Allergy risk, infectious risk and ENT risk) 


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